Lonny’s Smile Presentation to Camp Oki – August 21, 2013

2014chequeThis is what it’s all about! We made a recent visit to The Hospital for Sick Children to present a cheque to Dr. Joel Kirsh and our friends from SickKids Foundation (Anne-Marie Newton and Loni Griffin).

The final proceeds to Camp Oki for our Lonny’s Smile Benefit Concert was $24,159. We also provided Camp Oki with an additional $2,076 – the proceeds from our St. Francis and H. A. Halbert school fundraisers, our Festive Cookie Sale, and a direct donation by Lonny’s Smile Foundation.

This year will be a record breaking year for Camp Oki in part due to support from Lonny’s Smile. Last year, there were 80-85 Camp Oki campers, and this year there will be 92.

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