Our Vision

Lonny’s Smile Foundation creates opportunities for children with congenital heart disease to go to summer camp, create lasting friendships, push their boundaries, and gain new perspectives by just being kids.


Local – Help kids with congenital heart disease (CHD) in your own community! 
Impact – Make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of kids with CHD by giving them a chance to forget about their illness for a week and experience the magic of summer camp, at zero cost to their families. 
Focus – Our team includes front line support workers from SickKids Hospital and the Labatt Family Heart Centre who see the needs of kids with CHD every day. This helps us focus our efforts where they’re needed most. 
Values – By participating in our events, kids learn the value of giving back to other kids in their community!


•  We choose our areas of focus by getting experience-based input from the front line support workers who see the needs every day. By looking through their eyes and seeking their insights we are able to identify needs that are unfulfilled/under-served by other organizations.
•  We are campaign based – we identify a need and organize and execute a targeted campaign that focuses on that need.
•  We encourage kids to help other kids!
An important part of our vision is to let Kids Help Kids by leading the charge in local fundraisers to make a difference to kids with medical challenges in their own community.


The following ideas can give you a starting point – let the kids take the lead and make it their own!
•  Lead a local Lonny’s Smile fundraising effort for your school. If you are a “We School”, this fundraising opportunity supports your commitment to ignite the inspiration of students to help other youth. Consider a sucker pull, bake sale, bring a Loonie for Lonny, etc.
•  If you a member of the Scouts or Girl Guides organization, lead a local fundraising effort for your branch.
•  Come up with creative ideas to raise funds and awareness for Lonny’s Smile as part of community or family events.


If you are interested in leading a local fundraiser for Lonny’s Smile please contact us at:info@lonnyssmile.org . We can help support your efforts. Kids have the power – you can make a difference!