Happy Birthday

Lonny 4th Birthday Sep 14 1970September 14th conjures up all sorts of emotions for our family. It’s Lonny’s birthday, it was my mother-in-law Dawn’s birthday, and it is our daughter Kiera’s birthday. There’s always a mix of celebration, reflection, and a tinge of sadness, but today there’s a ton of excitement in our house as Kiera turns 13!

Kiera has come into her own in her pre-teen life. She’s an avid writer, plays flute, swims, hangs out with friends, enjoys her technology (too much!), and has developed her own sense of style. She enjoys school, but not waking up for it! She’s a normal kid. And that’s exactly what her Uncle Lonny wanted, and what all kids with special hearts want – to be like other kids.

Today, please join me in celebrating not only what would have been Lonny’s 49th Birthday, but most importantly the huge impact of his short life and legacy. Because of him and the generosity of our Lonny’s Smile supporters, over 100 kids with special hearts, both pre-teens and teens like Kiera, have the chance to grow up and become who they really are.

Happy Birthday, Blondie Boy. xo

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