Camp Oki Impact Report

campokikidCamp Oki was started 12 years ago as a place where children with congenital heart disorders could enjoy the summer camp experience that is such an important part of growing up.

This year, 95 children with heart disorders attended Camp Oki – thanks, in part, to the generosity of Lonny’s Smile supporters.

Other highlights by the numbers:

260 s’mores made by the campfire

1 teddy bear picnic

3 counsellors tossed in the lake

60 ukelele lessons

“There is a lot of fear on the part of parents of heart patients,” says camp director Dr. Joel Kirsh, a cardiologist at SickKids. “But at camp, parents know their children are in the safest place possible to try new challenges. Although it’s often their child’s first time away from home by themselves, it’s a relief to know they are safe, and that feeling of safety and confidence in their child’s abilities often extends beyond camp.”

Read the full Impact Report.

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